Start Married Life With Success Start Married Life With Success

Start Married Life With Success

Being an owner of an Event Company I often get the privilege to help Brides and Grooms plan their upcoming Wedding. Over the last 17 years this has baffled me as to why some couples split up within a few years and some thrive happily ever after?

I don’t have a magic scientific formula on this subject but I have seen a trend. Here are my:

Top 3 Tips On How To Start Married Life With The Best Chance Of Success Financially

  1. Avoid Debt at all costs!!!

    If you cannot pay for your Wedding in cash then plan it for when you can. But why? As you start planning a Wedding costs can easily spiral. A Bride can sometimes snowball a Wedding Budget by adding lots of little things onto a wish list that they think matters but really it doesn’t in the greater scheme of things. I will talk more about this in Tip 3. My opinion is the best chance of making a marriage work is by having a great Honeymoon Period and I don’t just mean a holiday. Your early years of a marriage should be fun, exciting; not living hand to mouth worrying and arguing over debt.

  2. Whats mine is yours and yours is mine after the Wedding right?

    Well it should be. Have the same checking/savings accounts, learn to agree on finances, start and finally work on a simple family budget. This can be a big adjustment. Ongoing frequent communication is key. You each have a say in your money. It’s both of your money even if there’s only one income. This is a significant point about adjusting to finances in that first year of marriage. Team Work makes the Dreamwork

  3. Downgrade your add-ons and Save Save Save.

    Often by the time a couple gives the Evening Reception some thought they have already blown 80% of their budget. When allocating a budget you need to be savvy and pick items that will give you most bang for buck. The Evening Party is 40% of the day, so needs to reflect this in your budget allocation. If my daughter was getting married with a 10k budget my advice to her would be to spend 3-4k of that budget on Room Decor & Entertainment.  With this budget we could set the scene with the room to get people really motivated to have a great night. . £3000-4000 could give you a fantastic experience. But custom invites, Canapés, posh flowers, posh shoes, posh wedding cars offer little return to the overall success of the day for people on a tighter budget. In conclusion I recommend to cut back and save thousands of pounds investing some of your savings into the right Entertainment/Visual Decor. The success you will get from this will be massive in terms of less debt and an overall better experience for you and your guests.

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Start Married Life With Success!!!