Ceiling Drapes are a beautiful addition to most rooms & add a greater level of luxury to any event. The ceiling drape is often booked for weddings & christenings as a way to enhance beautiful rooms making them look even better or to break up the drab venue ceilings that can look dated. This is a great value effect & you can add Fairy Lights to the drapes with a Chandelier to finish it off

Ceiling Drapes 8 Arms £190

Fairy Lights Add On £50

Chandelier Add On £50

The Glass Crystal Chandellier looks stunning & finishes off the meeting of the Ceiling Arms perfectly. When light hits the chandelier some of the colours you catch from it are visually pleasing as we all like a bit of tasteful bling. 9/10 clients choose to add on both the chandelier & also the Fairy Lights which when all 3 are put together can really transform any ceiling. We have sourced our Drapes from the UK’s Premier Supplier to all the best hotels & marquee suppliers & I promise you they are excellent quality.

These are suitable for most rooms, however not every room will have the necessary anchor points needed to support this. A site visit is sometimes needed to check out what will work best. Another factor to consider is ceiling height. For very tall ceilings sometimes simple uplighting can be a better proposition & if that is the situation we will make our recommendations to you as we will never supply a service that we believe won’t be adding the wow factor to your event. Another point to consider is low ceilings are not suitable for the drapes as they will hang too low. Most chain hotels have ceiling heights around the 10ft mark which we can easily work with.

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