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Killa Party Entertainment started life over 18 years ago on a very part time basis. Fresh out of school myself (Gary) had a keen interest in Music & making people happy. Becoming a DJ was the next logical step for me. Whilst studying I had a part time job at Tesco & what started out as weekend work whilst at University quickly changed into being a manager for a National Supermarket. I then lost my mum to cancer in 2010 & decided life is to short to do a job you don’t love. After a few months travelling in Australasia and Asia on a lifestyle break I decided to give 3 months notice to pursue a long held desire to run my own business. But all that changed with only 1 month before I was due to leave my job I got a call at work telling me I was going to be a father. Myself  & Sue agreed however to continue with the original plan of leaving my job as I had enough future bookings & if I didn’t do it then I likely never would have with a family to provide for.

Over the first 12 months being full time, business was good. But with a growing family (Sue was pregnant with baby number 2) I decided to diversify into other services to offer a more complete package to my clients & help the business grow. From the beginning I had an option to be like every other Wedding Vendor & compete on price with cheap products/services or source the right quality products that we would want at our own parties. I regularly commission unique pieces like our podiums, Mirrors, Stars, Kissing Booth, Whiskey & Cigar Booth & Light Up Letters. This innovation is what really keeps us excited. We also offer services most competitors know nothing about like Dry Ice 1st Dances, Snow FX & Monograms.

This structure has worked very well for me over the years & the business has grown organically from mainly word of mouth which reaffirms that what I am doing is working.

Now the business offers many different services & all can be booked individually or part of a package. The package deals offer the best value as it offers you discount for the more services you book.

Open & honest

If you are shopping around just for the cheapest price then I’m not the vendor for you. I don’t just buy the cheapest products available to hire out. I select the real deal where possible UK made products that are fit for purpose & look absolutely stunning. But if you are booking multiple services you have the opportunity to save 25% on my products when spending over a certain amount. So I may be a similar price to the cheap competitors once you take into account my package deal discounts.

I am very open & honest when it comes to my pricing. Most vendor websites won’t show you their prices like I have. The reason I have done this is because when I shop online I like to be able to see straight away the cost & play around with numbers to make up a wish list that would suit myself.

When comparing my prices against others not everything is as it seems. I will give you an example…

My business model is about quality & using the right products for the correct look. When booking a 6x3m Star Lit Back Drop for the head table with table runner & cake runner all Star Lit, bare in mind that mine is bigger at 7x3m & I only use the best Fibre Optic Back Drops with the best quality fabric. It actually costs me £3000 to buy it with Table Runner & Cake Runner which I then hire out for £290. Most Room Dressers, DJs, Venues etc… don’t use Fibre Optic they use cheap LED Curtains shipped from China. They cost less than £800 all in & they rent them for £150 (they make a better return than me). So yes the headline is you are saving £140 but for a cheaper inferior curtain that looks nothing like mine. In effect they are different products the gap is that wide.

Remember if you book multiple items you will get 25% discount on everything over £899. So the 1st £899 is full price & everything after has 25% discount applied to it. So grab some fantastic savings.