Lighting is so important when it comes to events. It’s very rare that venues have the right lighting needed & this is where uplighting comes into it’s own. Uplighting can transform any room into a cosy vibrant & modern environment & is a very cost effective way to create the perfect ambiance for your event. The lighting can be kept static on one colour which is what I always recommend, however it can also be controlled remotely if needed. Colours can be created to match the bridesmaids dress or a certain colour theme. The possibilities are endless.

We often use them to light up posts, architectural aspects of a room, alcoves & boring plain walls. We find them popular for the big chain hotels who often have plenty or bare white walls that really benefit from us adding some well thought out colour to them.


£140 for 10 Uplighters

£224 for 16 Uplighters (This is the number we use the most)

£14 per additional fixture

We find 16 lights cover most rooms which would be £224

Our uplights are powerful low profile pro fixtures in white. We have opted for the better wired system vs wireless due to battery technology still not strong enough to last 12-14hrs at a reasonable price. This means our uplights are plugged in & daisy chain the power which gives us the same brightness all night without the worry of a battery running out.

Uplights also look great with a well designed monogram on the wall thats lit up!!!

***Quick Tip***

We have worked with clients in the past who have said they don’t need uplighting as the room dresser has included it in a package. On arrival at Weddings we are often shocked to see one light per wall when it often requires 4-6 per wall to make the effect. So check how many they include & don’t be disappointed. I hope this helps you in your planning & any questions please just ask we will help you regardless of who you book with.

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Here is a demo video to show you the effects