BPM 2012 DJ Convention

BPM 2012 DJ Convention “The Worlds Biggest”

I have just got back from BPM 2012 which is the biggest DJ Convention in the world! Myself and two other DJ friends took the trip to Birmingham NEC where the 3 day Event was held. Tickets cost £10pp and car parking was £10 per car. We were like three 8 year olds in Toys R Us 2 weeks before Xmas.

After an initial scan around the hall the main focus was the Pioneer Stand and their recent announcement of a new midi controller (3rd October). We took a look at the DDJ SX controller and it looked like heaven. All 3 of us decided then and there that this is the new piece of kit we would be ordering as soon as it became available. We actuately pre-ordered our units on 9th October. Release date was 1st November 2012.

Next up I asked the guys to come to a presentation by another Professional DJ Brian Mole. Brian is also the Chairman of SEDA and a respected DJ in the South West of England. He was giving his take on what a Wedding DJ’s should and shouldn’t do and gave some tips and recommendations that he has experienced over the years. I found this to be a great session. Although a lot of the content was something I already do, their were a couple of nuggets of information I made note of and I would like to thank him for this advice.

It was a great day. One noticeable absentee was QSC who had no presence on the PA Arena? Strange as a lot of Mobile DJ’s are opting for their K Series of speakers or are on the fence considering upgrading to these speakers.