Irlam DJ

Irlam DJ

If you have an event that needs a DJ a good person to seriously consider is Gary Stephen Jones who owns Killa Party Entertainment. Gary is an Irlam lad who now lives in Cadishead and has been a DJ for over 20 years. If you go to his Facebook Page by clicking here and look back at all his pictures from previous events you are likely to see many people locally you probably know who has trusted him for their big events.

Now specialising in Weddings he often does Birthdays, Christmas Parties, Christenings and Corporate Events.

Every summer he gets to work at the Northwests Premier Wedding Venues and play a part in peoples biggest days of their lives. From Barn Weddings, Monasteries, Posh Hotels, Chain Hotels, Working Mens Clubs, Marquees, Boats and big Glass Houses he has worked them all. (Click here to see some great venues)

Gary is well known in Irlam due to: he studied at ICCHS, he was a Manager for Tesco Irlam, DJ at RVP, DJ at Irlam Railway, DJ at Tiger Moth and is seen on a lot of local peoples Birthdays and Weddings.

The one thing most people don’t realise is Gary runs an Event Company that covers many other services other than being a DJ. From White LED Dance Floors, Magic Mirror Photo Booth, Uplighting, Dry Ice 1st Dance, Wedding Thrones, 6ft Star Light Letters plus many more. If you are planning on getting married and are interested in some of these services then go to the home page and check out the list of services available. Make a list of what you would like and send him a message either by email or the contact form with the date it’s needed. He will create you a custom package and offer you a discounted price the more you book in.

All the products and services offered are when possible sourced from the best UK companies and are the best available on the market. Be reassured he doesn’t use cheap Chinese copies often seen for pennies on Facebook groups these items are the real deal.

Drop him a message and he will send you over a custom quote
Irlam DJ

Wedding DJ Lowry Theatre Manchester

Wedding DJ Lowry Theatre Manchester

On the 9th August 2014 I provided my services to Clare & Andy Ivers for their special wedding at the Compass Room in The Lowry Theatre. This room is great for a number of reasons.

1) Close to Manchester. Close to the Metro Link. Close to Hotels. Close to shops and restaurants if you are staying over night.

2) The Bar is in the same room as the main event. This will always help your event be more successful. It keeps your guests close to the dance floor.

3) Like number 2 your smokers will never be far away. A balcony surrounds the glass room. It is on the 4th floor so everyone stays where they need to be.

4) Panoramic Views of Manchester/Salford at night. You will see Media City, Imperial War Museaum and Old Trafford FC  lit up for perfect photo opportunities.

A key consideration is Audio Volume. If they have any shows on downstairs in the theatre then volume is restricted until after 10pm. Also your DJ needs to plug into The Lowrys own PA System and cannot use they’re personal PA. Ive done this room many times and it is never a problem.

I always find the staff helpful and friendly and the venue offers plenty of photo opportunities with the industry and bridges just outside.

This room would benefit from a Dry Ice 1st Dance which would give it the wow factor as well as my Giant LOVE Letters and some professional chair covers. When it is dressed correctly I find the room to look very impressive and I love how much natural light enters the room.

Here is what the Compass Room looks like at night


Wedding DJ Lowry Theatre Manchester  This is the view from the balcony

Wedding DJ Lowry Theatre Manchester



Recent Education I have booked on to attend

Recent Education I have booked on to attend is the Pro Mobile Conference 2014 in Oxford. This event is by far my number one favourite event of the year. I meet so many positive like minded people and learn so many different ideas that give me a great motivational boost for the coming Wedding Season. It’s a 2 day conference with an overnight stay. Attending this year will be Randy Bartlett who is one of the top American Wedding DJs. He will be giving a couple of seminars which I’m sure will be a big eye opener. Other guests include: Sharon Knight – Personal Branding, Rob Brown – Networking and referrals, Howard Wing – Wedding Marketing, Tom Salinsky – Storytelling for sales and special guest Mark Goodier Radio DJ. Other highlights include a networking breakfast, lunch and a technology breakout rooms.

Then in April it’s the National Association of Disc Jockeys Annual Conference in London. One of the highlights is again networking with some fantastic DJs and sharing ideas. This year they have managed to secure the services of Mark Ferrell from California. He’s runs a very successful company called Marbecca. They teach DJs how to become competent Master of Ceremonies and public speakers. The will be presenting a seminar called “Get What You Are Worth” the 1st time he has presented this in the UK.

So two fantastic dates to look forward to, at least until September and BPM in Birmingham.


Christmas Party DJs are in demand!!!

So the festive season is on us again and with this brings the busiest time in a DJs calendar. So what has your company / office or group done to prepare for this? Hopefully you will already have the venue booked as we have less than 8 weeks to go until Santa arrives.

But what about the:

-Christmas Party DJ / Entertainment

-Buffet / Food


Other considerations if applicable is what about your night shift? Are they coming to the event? Do they need cover from another store. What date will best fit in with your company? What is the budget? Are you doing a raffle? Do you need to order tickets? Free bar or free food? Fancy Dress? Games? Decor?

These are all variables that may depend on budget/location/date and business type.

In the past I’ve done a lot of theme weddings from Winter Wonderlands to Black and White Themes. They always go down a storm with the workers who can let off a bit of steam with the busy and stressful run-up to Christmas and also get to know their colleagues a little bit better away from the office.

So use this blog post as a check list and make sure you have all your bases covered.







Pro Mobile DJ Magazine the mobile DJs Bible My Own Story

pro mobile

Pro Mobile DJ Magazine the mobile DJs Bible My Own Story

To all mobile DJ’s in the UK or abroad I always recommend you keep up to date with the Industry that we work in. Yes all to often the mobile DJ can feel like it’s just them against the world. But once you make that conscious decision to train, network and support others you will never fully understand how this Industry actually works. One doors opens another as the saying goes.

So 2012 seen me finally quit my full time managers job at Tesco. Having been completely fed up with my job I finally decided to become a full time DJ. The past 14 years had seen me be a part-time DJ who got busier every year until it was decision time. I came to the conclusion that if I stayed at Tesco any longer and my partner was to get pregnant then I would be stuck with the secure job that I hated. So I gave 3 months notice. I paid my Council Tax off for the year. I paid my TV Licence, Car Insurance and any other bills to reduce my monthly outgoings for the remainder of the year taking away the pressure.

After 3 months I was working regular but some of the gigs were poor payers and I was starting to get a bit demotivated. I attended BPM 2012 at Birmingham N.E.C where I attended a Wedding Workshop by the Chairman of CEDA. He explained the importance of formal training and what it helps you to achieve. Also by adding services to your list you can up sell these in turn taking the pressure off your clients.

Back in Manchester I booked a Wedding Theory Course with Derek Pengally in Reading. 12 other DJ’s with myself had a great day. We shared stories and offered our advice. I got some ideas from other DJ’s as I’m sure they got ideas from me. I also added 6 people who I met onto Twitter and Facebook. Curiosity found me viewing previous tweets where I came across a tweet about a Pro Mobile Wedding Conference in March in Oxford. On further investigation 2 of the key speakers at the event were wedding specialists we were talking about at my previous training in Reading. So I’m now booked onto this course in March.

Also this coming Monday I have a training session in Salford City Radio’s Studio and with a bit of luck I will get my own radio show.

So as you can see. With a little bit of effort, persistance and networking many doors open and your knowledge of all things mobile DJ will improve. So check out the Pro Mobile website. You can even sign up to their magazine which is full of information.

P.S. With 1 month left of my notice at Tesco we did actually find out my partner was expecting. I stuck to my guns and still quit. Things always work out if you put the effort in.